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The Economic Climate and prospects for the Olympics
Monday, 15 August 2011 12:25
The current economic climate and how we can expect it to effect the event industry is a hot topic as we draw closer to the September student intakes and the vocational choices young students are making.  It's obviously regional but overall the event industry is a safe bet on a stable career that has the potential for growth.

The Olympics will now start to show dividends and will continue to provide the budgets and excuses for events in the UK. I would expect us to be feeling the Olympic swell into 2013 as sponsors leverage their investments and milk the opportunity as much as possible.

What that means as far as training is concerned is that the industry are going to look for qualified people who want the experience and have the basic knowlage to deliver. Terbell can and will provide that knowlage and one of our diplomas will take you to the front doors of the employers.
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